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Monday, December 26, 2005

Manufacturing for the new year

Well...Christmas has ended and it's time to turn my attention to the year ahead..goal setting and the like. This year my goals are:

1) To start the planning process of a local garment design/manufacturer's cooperative
2) To finalize my handbag designs and perfect my silk painting techniques
3) Start to save those good ol' non-existent pennies for a rainy day
4) Research trade and craft shows for this year's guerilla marketing bonanza

Not small things to achieve....I think the buzzword for the year is "manufacturing" and honing the process of getting my product to market. I think this is the heart of every business and the constant pressing need that must always be fulfilled, whether you're a 1 million dollar company or a 5 dollar company. Either way, my widget needs attention, so maybe I will make this the topic of the next few posts...how to get your product to market. It'll help me hone my ideas and process. Look for more posts soon (I have to organize my thoughts)


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