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Monday, January 23, 2006

Evolution of a handbag

Well...after my brief stint with being a techo feeb, I am ready to embrace this medium with all that I have...or something like that. I stayed up until 3 am on Saturday planning my little heart out. So far I have planned 5 craft shows for this year (and a couple to walk). Mostly the ones that look the most promising are around here which makes the cost benefit a little better. The Castro Street Fair comes highly recommended. It's a big one in San Francisco in October. I'll have to see what comes of the previous ones and find out if I am that ambitious. Thankfully I have friends and family in the Bay to stay with. I bet you're wondering how this relates to handbags...

My general plan is to sell handbags to make the capital to launch another line. So naturally I have to move beyond the simple totes I've been making into at least 3 or 4 additional styles. So far I have a lined tote, a smaller version of that I call the"naughty" bag (It has a button closure at the top and the button is a picture of Betty PAge doing very naughty things)

My issue here is that I haven't yet mastered the zipper installation in a lined bag. I have a new style..the UBER clutch. I even mastered (laugh here if you'd like) the welt pocket(...graciously provided by a Fashion Incbator tutorial)so it would have an interesting pocket. For costing reasons I didn't design it with a top zipper closure and a zipper pocket, it would add too much to the final cost..so I stuck with a welted pocket and a top zip...except I can't seem to get the zip in. The lazy thing to do would be to hand it off to my contractor and allow her to figure it out, but I would be cheating myself of an education. Besides, craft shows are great, but you can't exactly cost in your labor...so contractors are generally out.

I really am still a techn feeb, so I am posting the pics for this post on the next one (couldn't figure out how to embed the pictures in this one) so you all can see the bags up to now.

I have to go slave away at my "real job" now.


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