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Friday, March 24, 2006

Avoidance behavior...and how to avoid it

As I sit here at 20 to 7 on a Friday, I realize that I don't have much in the way of excuses...I work too much (way too much) I am stressed out about money, blah, blah, ach.

I routinely avoid things that need my attention when I have a spell of cognitive dissonance..I like that term. Kathleen used it on one of her blog entries and I thought I would usurp the phrase. I haven't gotten the bags to the Garden Gate, I have been worrying about fabric sourcing and being incredibly and continuously alarmed that I am having trouble finding what I need. Dissonance. I avoid things when I can't immediately figure them out. I let them simmer in the bottom layers of my consciousness...such as my diaper bag design and my messenger bag design. But thankfully the diaper bag design is settled in my mind.

On a lighter note, even men have started noticing the AC Baker Bag! I have had 2 clients (advertising) that have complimented the bag that I carry! Normally a male client will compliment your shoes, your jacket, really anything (appropriate) but NEVER will they compliment accessories. I was thrilled. Both wanted to know where to get them because someone they knew would be interested. Of course my pat answer is "go to my blog" (so if you guys are reading, thanks for stopping by). I would love to say, "Go to the Garden Gate", but I am lagging so far behind that it might be Christmas till they get there! (not really)

Plans Change...
It is in my general plan to do an e-commerce website. I am thinking that it'll be the end of summer before I get there. I have also changed my mind about wholesale markets. Initially when I went to the GGAA show in SF a couple of years ago, my line tanked. For all the right reasons. The line was good, but my price points were too high and I misunderstood the reason for the show (and I was in the wrong category). This time around I have had a great opportunity to test my market and learn about the different shows out there. I will do it again and scrap the craft shows (no pun intended there) . As Kathleen (www.Fashion-Incubator.com) has pointed out, push manufacturing creates a lot of waste...wasted money and extra inventory. Right now, I am just not in a position to waste my resources....but they are fun, and I will do at least one when I can afford it.

Keep checking back...I will post pictures of the bags in the Garden Gate so you all can see that they are finally there...with Kate's permission, that is.


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