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Friday, February 10, 2006

minute by Minute update

I went back to the business counselor...actually I really must be accurate. There are 2, Barbara and Catherine. They are the dynamic duo that I know will keep me making good decisions. I was really jazzed about my appointment, they are too, which is nice. I was in conundrum about collateral sales materials. I have to elaborate about why they wanted me to approach this store....the theme of the last meeting we had was "how to make some money without spending any and just using what you have". So you know what their advice to me was? Go with 3 samples and a business card! That's it!? No full color glossy professionally photographed folio? Yes...spend no money.

So that's what I'll do. The wisdom in this line of thinking is layered in a kind of intuitive way. First, as far as my handbags go, I am not a big operation. Not that you can't have a professional looking product, but this is like a tester round. Why spend the money on presentation when really the product will do all the talking it needs to. This mostly goes against what I normally think, but this is like school. A safe test to see if a theory works (besides I know this buyer personally).

The other thing that I realized is that if I present myself with this big expensive image, it might not give a consistent impression with my product. I make the bags myself, they are not perfect, they have a lot of charm (I think so anyway), and well...it's a tester round. I guess what Catherine and Barbara are getting me to do is to get over myself and get successful. I'm in.

more after mondays appointment.

Evolution of a handbag pt 2

Spring is here...I think. It's been awfully warm where there should usually be freezing cold rain. Had a meeting with my business counselor and she gave me homework!! She told me to approach a local store about my handbags...I'm not ready!! Tried once and they told me I needed to refine, so that's what I've been doing. She said she didn't care and that I was over analyzing (entirely likely)and just to "dooo itt". So I called and now have an appointment on Monday. Great. Oh no!

The point to this little missive is that she was right all the way. I have a good product. Not great to my standards, but something people buy and like. They are well constructed with hours of development behind them and fellow designer tested. What do I have to be worried about. This store is a boutique garden store with table linens, books, froo froo stuff. My totes would do fine there! What was interesting is that she picked this particular store by name and said..."go there", I thought that was a nice touch because I couldn't argue (I do that a lot).

The next part of my post will be about getting together the samples and marketing info (of which I Have little). The bags were really just a conduit to launching my next line, so I didn't prepare like I did for the apparel stuff. We wait with baited breath....